Pre-Con #6

ONE DAY: FRIDAY – 8:00AM-1:00PM –

N. Barry Berg, PhD
Jennifer Campoli, DO
Derek Cooney, MD, FF-NREMTP, FACEP
Jeremy Joslin, MD, FAWN
Christian Knutsen, MD
Douglas Sandbrook, MA, NREMTP

This acclaimed program will provide you with a deeper and more comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology in a unique and exciting learning environment. Working alongside Upstate Medical University faculty in the gross anatomy lab, you will review various body systems and relevant pathologies through discussion, observation and cadaver dissection. Take your classroom experience and knowledge to the next level by actually going inside the body to see what, up until now, you have only read about.

Maximum 24 students (minimum certification EMT-CC). Transportation to/from Oncenter provided, please arrive by 7:45am. Students must bring scrubs to wear in the gross anatomy lab; a change of clothes is highly recommended. Please be advised you may be standing for long periods of time. (NYS CME: All Levels – Preparatory).