Pre-Con #5




Darrin M. Batty, Fire Lieutenant/Paramedic/NCEE

EMS and fire personnel are now faced with the very real possibility of MCIs involving active shooters and nightclub shootings. Responding to these events requires a new approach to our traditional view of the MCI. During this talk, we will discuss the roles and responsibilities of MCI plans and why this traditional model creates failures. Come explore the new concepts and ideas that re-task our tradi- tional resources, challenge our view of how to manage an MCI and simultaneously balance our EMS systems to allow for continued service to the rest of our communities. Discover how innovative deployment models help create successful mitigation of these events. The session will open with a group discussion of how participants currently begin and staff Multi Patient events followed by dialogue of what failures are common to all systems. The session will culmi- nate in an MCI Drill where the participants will all actively participate in a simulated event which will challenge them to deploy their new knowledge.

This class will be held at the Public Safety Training Facility, 1190 Scottsville Road, Rochester, NY 14624. The training facility is less than 4 miles from the Joseph A Floreano Riverside Convention Center. You will need to make your own arrangements for transportation, the conference will not be providing transportation to the training facility. (NYS CME: All Levels – Operations)