Pre-Con #2


Paul Werfel, MS, NREMT-P
Arthur Romano, BA, NREMT-P

This two-day workshop will provide 16 hours of ALS Training that an AEMT Critical Care or Paramedic may apply towards the “Core” Refresher Training of their NYS CME-Based
Recertification Program. These 16 hours may also be applied towards the Mandatory Core Content required by the NREMT,meeting the objectives of the DOT Advanced Refresher.

For those who attended Vital Signs 2014 and 2015, this workshop will build upon the material presented then. For others, this offers an opportunity to “get started” in meeting the Core requirements, or to “add on to” Core training obtained elsewhere. This workshop will be a well-rounded review, covering only in part several Core topic subjects. 2016 alone will not meet all of the required Core Refresher Training. Subject areas to be covered:


Topic 2016
Paramedic CC AEMT
Preparatory 2 2 2
Pharmacology   2
Airway Management 2 2 2
Trauma 4 3 4
Pt. Assessment   2
Medical   4
Pulmonary, Cardiology 2  
Resp Cardiac Emergencies 2
(Neuro) Endo, Anaphylaxis/ 1
Allergic Reaction Poisoning 1
Neuro and ABD emergencies 2
Environment Behavioral Gynecological 1
Gastro Renal Urology Tox Hematology 1
Obstetrics 1
Gynecology & Obstetrics 1
Neonatology 1
Pediatrics 1
Neonatology Peds. 1
Enviromental Infection Deseases Behavioral 1
Patients with Special Needs Acute care 1
Abuse, Assault
Non-Core Additional
Total 16 16 16